Total War: Warhammer

Almost everything we’ve seen of Total War: Warhammer so far has been battles, but now we finally have a chance to see the Campaign Map. It appears to be a lot more narrative than previous Total War games, with scripted locations and events. We should have hands on early 2016, so we’ll be able to find out then.

Street Fighter V

Long awaited super fighting game has arrived on multi platforms. My first impressions based on approximately 15 hours game play. As a big fan of the franchise, I have both good news and bad news for the fans.

The game comes with 16 characters, Ryu, Ken, Cammy, Dhalsim, Nash, Chun- Li, M-Bison, Vega , Birdie, Karin, R. Kima, Zangief, Rashid, Laura, F.A.N.G, Necalli. As you see from the lineup, there are a lot of original sf line up missing such as :sagat, blanka, balrog, honda....

The game has short story mode for each of these characters. They are maximum 5 matches all 1 round. Other modes are: Versus, Survival, Ranked and Casual Match. Ranked match can be quite intense and you get points by beating tough opponents like previous Street Fighter IV. There is also in game currency which can be used to purchase costumes and exciting stuff but it is hard to earn them (this feature will be available later with different modes).

The game is working fine even though I had couple of connectivity issues when try to play cross platform (PC-PS4). This might be fixed with the upcoming patch.

Overall, the game is quite exciting even though very underwhelming with its' limited features and limited content right now.

Destiny: The Taken King - Review

GYW Rating: 2/10
After one year of its' initial release, Destiny comes up with a third DLC called The Taken King.
 You get some raid and strikes, some new exotic and legendary weapons. you also get different colour of enemies (they are all reskinned). The Taken King is not a tradable game or expansion because it is not on a disc, you need to download the content only.

There is a new raid for you. The King's Fall is the biggest but the most boring raid so far. You get to beat three different bosses then you face with Oryx. Some sponge-bullet giant with stupid intelligence. All he does it smashing big platforms, you kill some Ogres, detonate bombs they leave behind and you are ready to damage Oryx. Is this really best bungie can come up with. It is beyond me how uninspiring and boring this raid is compared to Vault of Glass (the first raid you get with the original release).

When I first bought Destiny last year, I was shocked by its' first day DLC packs sales. They were already ready to buy!!!! Is this the future of the gaming? Are we expected to pay a rent for a game to be able to enjoy and play it fully? The answer is probably yes. Do we get what we expect from these DLC contents? The answer is no. However, you still feel obliged to buy these upgrades because otherwise your character becomes obselete.

Call this a biggest budget game or a game where seeks for players with obsessive compulsive dlc-buyer disorder, The Taken King offers nothing new here than farming exotics and legendary gear all day to get that gear light to maximum as possible. There was no story in this game. Buy it, if you are willing to pay for a beta game.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

      The third series of WRPG game Witcher 3 has arrived on PC, Ps4 and xbox one. I played this game about 30 hours to write a better review. There is a big problem about the games these days. Game firms want to make quick cash and completely ignore the fact that this affects the whole gaming business model. Games with tons of bugs, unfinished story line, DLC to get more money and these all leave a bad taste in your mouth. This game has nothing new to offer, some large open world from Skyrim and combat from Dark Souls. The loot system is pretty poorly designed, you obviously use the same armour and weapons for the following 10 levels. Controls are the worst ever I've experienced, it is so bad that your character gets stuck anywhere anytime.

    The story is so boring, I couldn't play it anymore after level 25. The game is not long, it is just conversations took %70 of my time. Some quests are so long and yet you get no reward completing them.

  Graphics are the only nice features, I like the water effect and character details. Eyes are very realistic.

  Inventory and UI are poorly designed and very hard to manage. IF you are out of life regenerating foods or drinks, you might use some potions that cost 1000 by mistake. Tons n tons of bugs...

  I see where all the other reviewers or journalists coming from, they obviously get paid to give this game a 10/10 or 9/10. This is not even close to what I expected from todays gaming experience. It felt very poorly designed and managed. GYW Rating 4/10

Evolve Review for Ps4

If you are looking for a very original shooter-arena type of pvp game, evolve should be your choice. It is so much fun. You need to practice a little bit to get into it, because it needs some time to get used to it.

Graphics, characters, monsters and play-style are so polished, it also provides a long time gaming experience with its' upcoming expansions, dlcs and many more.

I wouldn't say there is a solo mode as well. Because you should not really play solo mode in this. Like any other multiplayer battle games, it is more exciting playing with others. I also really like its' matchmaking which doesn't take so long.

Evolve could be described as '1 big bad ass monster versus 4 amazing classes in a such breathtaking environment with full of surprises'.


I've been playing the game for the last 3 weeks. The graphics and gameplay feels great (PS4), even though story is a bit lacking. There are lots of negative reviews on the internet about the game.

I like to list the good and the bad:

The Good:

1.Exciting PVP
2. Loot and great exotic gear, fantastic multiplayer mode (raid).
3. Great weapons
4. Great gameplay, it is so smooth.
5. More content due

The Bad:

1. You have to pay for more content (and it is not cheap).
2. You cannot turn the music off.
3. The story doesn't make sense at all.
4. No raid matchmaking (you have to use forums to look for players)
5.Very repetitive missions.

Playstation 4: Will there be any good games in future?

I was one of the people who pre-ordered Playstation 4 and I regret it. My reasons are not only technical issues and also problem with the game releases. There aren't much good game around since last year. Destiny? So excited about this game. However, it is not really what I expected. It is not something I could say ' Oh yeah this is the next generation gaming'.

I am also having some technical issues with its' wi-fi connection. It sometimes doesn't connect to the internet via wi-fi. I read a lot of articles about this and looks like problem caused by its' weak wi-fi feature. Playstation 4 is still amazing though. There will be better games no doubt about it. One of the reasons I run this blog to say things other would not. The gaming industry has become all about advertising and false review these days. Of course no denying the console is amazing but I was expected more than this. Because when playstation 1 first launched it was unbelievable, so creative, so fresh. I couldn't see none of these yet. It stays there, I clean it from time to time. It is so sad that my favorite console looks so lonely.

I bought Destiny, Fifa 2004-2005, Knack, Call of Dust Ghosts, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Wolfenstein, Injustice so far. Hope there is gonna better games in future.

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