Alice Madness Returns (PC and PS3)

Alice Madness Returns gets your attention with its wonderful and high detailed graphics.

It's one of the best platform and adventure games for the PC and the PS3 in 2011.

Controls are very okay to handle and you will find it easy to play.

Some chapters are difficult to complete than the others.

You feel like you're flying during some of the game play.

It's a little bit of a scary world with Alice collecting her memories and trying to find out her destiny.

Do not look down because it is so high, you don't want to fall in that big gap.

Jump as high as possible and then jump another time to get safe.

Health and Safety rules don't apply for this game because you simply kill your enemies without thinking.

You've got a big rusty knife and you can attack several times plus you can evade using the left shift button.

Holding your right mouse button you can use your black pepper gun to kill your enemies.

Holding the left control gives the smallest experience and the biggest happiness.

Do not look at your back and keep going.


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