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I just couldn’t wait to try the Nintendo 3DS when it was first launched. So I went to buy one and got a blue Nintendo 3DS console which came in a nice box. Nintendo products always come with very detailed instruction and you can spend hours checking what else you have got in the box.

No need to really mention this if you know Nintendo, but there are two screens like previous Nintendo DS, DSi and DSi XL portable consoles. The bottom screen features a touch screen and the top screen is wider than the bottom one.

You will first notice the new analog control on the left, followed by the little green 3D indicator on the right. You can turn this off if you want to.

There is one camera on the front panel and two cameras on the back of the console. These are 3D cameras, and believe it or not you can take 3D pictures with them!

It comes with a charging cradle and a 2GB SD memory card which is very useful.

Apart from these features, I’m sure you are more interested in the 3DS feature. It is a really very innovative idea on a dual screen portable console. If you play a 3DS game on this console, you will experience something completely different compared to any other portable console game or mobile phone game. The 3D effect makes it much more lifelike.

When an object is coming toward you on the screen, you feel like it is real. That makes it really exciting when you play fighting games like Super Street Fighter IV 3D or Dead or Alive Dimensions.
I’ve seen many bad comments about it causing headaches. However I think it is fine if you look at the screen straight on, as if you don’t you will see a blurry screen in front of you. You should also take rest breaks after every half an hour of play.

Despite its unbelievable features such as AR Games, an Internet Browser, playing music, cameras, and Nintendo eShop (where you can download free games and trailers), Nintendo 3DS still has some bad points. The launch games were not very satisfying, and as a professional game player I still can’t find enough good games for the console yet. Yes, there are some nice games (Zelda, Street Fighter, Dead or Alive) but the games available at the moment are not enough.

Short battery life (approximately 3 hours) wasn’t a problem for me as you can always charge it up.

Finally, I am happy I bought this console and would highly recommend it. I am looking forward to seeing some classic games launched in the future which will only make it even better.


Anonymous said...

good review!

Farrel said...

Today I was given the possibility to play on a 3DS all the release games and I was very impressed with the 3D. Especially in Nintendogs and AR games it really adds depth to the games. It is really revolutionary.

Farrel said...

3DS is a much more powerful device than its predecessor, but its key selling point is, naturally, its ability to display glasses-free 3D. I wish i could test it.

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