Playstation 4: Will there be any good games in future?

I was one of the people who pre-ordered Playstation 4 and I regret it. My reasons are not only technical issues and also problem with the game releases. There aren't much good game around since last year. Destiny? So excited about this game. However, it is not really what I expected. It is not something I could say ' Oh yeah this is the next generation gaming'.

I am also having some technical issues with its' wi-fi connection. It sometimes doesn't connect to the internet via wi-fi. I read a lot of articles about this and looks like problem caused by its' weak wi-fi feature. Playstation 4 is still amazing though. There will be better games no doubt about it. One of the reasons I run this blog to say things other would not. The gaming industry has become all about advertising and false review these days. Of course no denying the console is amazing but I was expected more than this. Because when playstation 1 first launched it was unbelievable, so creative, so fresh. I couldn't see none of these yet. It stays there, I clean it from time to time. It is so sad that my favorite console looks so lonely.

I bought Destiny, Fifa 2004-2005, Knack, Call of Dust Ghosts, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Wolfenstein, Injustice so far. Hope there is gonna better games in future.


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