The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

      The third series of WRPG game Witcher 3 has arrived on PC, Ps4 and xbox one. I played this game about 30 hours to write a better review. There is a big problem about the games these days. Game firms want to make quick cash and completely ignore the fact that this affects the whole gaming business model. Games with tons of bugs, unfinished story line, DLC to get more money and these all leave a bad taste in your mouth. This game has nothing new to offer, some large open world from Skyrim and combat from Dark Souls. The loot system is pretty poorly designed, you obviously use the same armour and weapons for the following 10 levels. Controls are the worst ever I've experienced, it is so bad that your character gets stuck anywhere anytime.

    The story is so boring, I couldn't play it anymore after level 25. The game is not long, it is just conversations took %70 of my time. Some quests are so long and yet you get no reward completing them.

  Graphics are the only nice features, I like the water effect and character details. Eyes are very realistic.

  Inventory and UI are poorly designed and very hard to manage. IF you are out of life regenerating foods or drinks, you might use some potions that cost 1000 by mistake. Tons n tons of bugs...

  I see where all the other reviewers or journalists coming from, they obviously get paid to give this game a 10/10 or 9/10. This is not even close to what I expected from todays gaming experience. It felt very poorly designed and managed. GYW Rating 4/10


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