Destiny: The Taken King - Review

GYW Rating: 2/10
After one year of its' initial release, Destiny comes up with a third DLC called The Taken King.
 You get some raid and strikes, some new exotic and legendary weapons. you also get different colour of enemies (they are all reskinned). The Taken King is not a tradable game or expansion because it is not on a disc, you need to download the content only.

There is a new raid for you. The King's Fall is the biggest but the most boring raid so far. You get to beat three different bosses then you face with Oryx. Some sponge-bullet giant with stupid intelligence. All he does it smashing big platforms, you kill some Ogres, detonate bombs they leave behind and you are ready to damage Oryx. Is this really best bungie can come up with. It is beyond me how uninspiring and boring this raid is compared to Vault of Glass (the first raid you get with the original release).

When I first bought Destiny last year, I was shocked by its' first day DLC packs sales. They were already ready to buy!!!! Is this the future of the gaming? Are we expected to pay a rent for a game to be able to enjoy and play it fully? The answer is probably yes. Do we get what we expect from these DLC contents? The answer is no. However, you still feel obliged to buy these upgrades because otherwise your character becomes obselete.

Call this a biggest budget game or a game where seeks for players with obsessive compulsive dlc-buyer disorder, The Taken King offers nothing new here than farming exotics and legendary gear all day to get that gear light to maximum as possible. There was no story in this game. Buy it, if you are willing to pay for a beta game.


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