Street Fighter V

Long awaited super fighting game has arrived on multi platforms. My first impressions based on approximately 15 hours game play. As a big fan of the franchise, I have both good news and bad news for the fans.

The game comes with 16 characters, Ryu, Ken, Cammy, Dhalsim, Nash, Chun- Li, M-Bison, Vega , Birdie, Karin, R. Kima, Zangief, Rashid, Laura, F.A.N.G, Necalli. As you see from the lineup, there are a lot of original sf line up missing such as :sagat, blanka, balrog, honda....

The game has short story mode for each of these characters. They are maximum 5 matches all 1 round. Other modes are: Versus, Survival, Ranked and Casual Match. Ranked match can be quite intense and you get points by beating tough opponents like previous Street Fighter IV. There is also in game currency which can be used to purchase costumes and exciting stuff but it is hard to earn them (this feature will be available later with different modes).

The game is working fine even though I had couple of connectivity issues when try to play cross platform (PC-PS4). This might be fixed with the upcoming patch.

Overall, the game is quite exciting even though very underwhelming with its' limited features and limited content right now.


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